Mailbag: On a Colts trade for Fleener

James from Anderson, Ind., writes: I read the transcript from your chat yesterday. The topic of the Colts trading up into the late first round came up a couple times. You seemed to dismiss that idea outright because the Colts would be foolish to give up a potential No. 1 pick in next year’s first-round, and that is what would be expected from the trading partner. While I agree the Colts shouldn’t trade away the 2013 picks, there is precedent from 2010 of moving up from the early 2nd to late 1st. The Lions gave up the #34, #100, and #214 to get the Viking's #30 and #128, all picks from the 2010 draft… If the Colts absolutely love Coby Fleener or another guy they think can be grabbed at 30 but won’t be there at 34, I don’t think moving back 28 spots in the 4th round and giving up a 7th rounder is too much, especially when they have 10 picks this year. Not saying they should or shouldn’t, just saying it’s not a crazy idea.

Paul Kuharsky: Yes, they could trade up late in the first without involving next year’s first. But there is a strong counter to that to, in that they can’t afford to give up a lot of picks for a mover, because they have a lot of need. I love Fleener and think he’d be great for them. But I’ll bet he disappears somewhere in the 20s, and it would be hard to get up there to get him while sacrificing picks that could be used to address a slew of other needs. So I think they’d have to go up more than four spots, and the price will be more than Detroit paid the Vikings for that four-spot move.

Matt from Greenville, S.C., writes: With the Jaguars recently signing Laurent Robinson and Lee Evans, would they consider taking a receiver with their first round pick, like Michael Floyd? (Or if Justin Blackmon falls to them)

Paul Kuharsky: Absolutely they would have to consider a receiver still. Evans may be done -- he certainly offered nothing to the Ravens a year ago. You can’t count on a contribution there. He’d be gravy. So a team in need of at least two dependable receivers has added Robinson. Not enough. That said, Floyd has a history of alcohol-related incidents that will scare the Jaguars, a big character team. I doubt he’d be their guy.

Ted in San Francisco writes: True or False: Johnathan Joseph is the defender the Texans can least afford to lose to injury

Paul Kuharsky: Probably true. The depth behind him is not so hot and Kareem Jackson as the top starting corner would hardly instill confidence.