Reviewing Moss' time in Tennessee

Randy Moss' short time with the Titans in 2010 still stirs debate in Nashville.

The team was hardly stacked at receiver, claimed Moss off waivers, then hardly used him.

It’s still a punchline that former coach Jeff Fisher and his staff, once Kenny Britt was healthy that year, said they couldn’t find a way to play both Britt and Moss at the same time because they played the same position.

The fact was that the Titans determined Moss couldn’t run. Once that was the case, it seemed to me they should have cut him. But cutting him wouldn’t have gone over well in the locker room because most of the team loved him.

Jim Wyatt of The Tennessean asked Moss, now with the 49ers and preparing to play in the Super Bowl, about the weird time in Tennessee.

He said he was blackballed.

“Why they claimed me, I really don’t know. There were some things where I could really tell I really wasn’t liked, and that was coming from the coaching staff. To be able to still make plays … there were some things going on in-house that I probably won’t speak upon until I write my book.”

But Jeff Fisher had what I thought was a reasonable answer, one that he didn’t offer publicly in 2010.

Writes Wyatt:

(Offensive coordinator Mike) Heimerdinger was undergoing cancer treatment, and three weeks after Moss arrived there was upheaval at quarterback — Vince Young suffered a thumb injury, threw a tantrum in the locker room, fell out of favor and wound up on injured reserve. Kerry Collins took over as the starter.

“From Randy’s perspective, I can see where he thought it might have appeared to be a little dysfunctional,” Fisher said on Wednesday. “But he did everything we asked and he was OK when he wasn’t getting playing time.”

It’s clear with what happened since Moss left that he is hardly the playmaker the Titans hoped he might be when he came in. Still it was silly that they didn’t make more of an effort to get him on the field and throw to him.

As for now?

Moss isn’t dramatically different from Damian Williams, who ranks as the Titans' fourth wide receiver.

In San Francisco this season, Moss caught 28 passes for 434 yards and three touchdowns.

In Tennessee, Williams caught 30 passes for 324 yards and no TDs.