AFC South Week 9 decisive moment

The Eagles had a 2-point third-quarter lead but weren’t doing much at all to move the ball.

Thanks to a couple of penalties and a tackle for a loss by Jacob Lacey, the Colts' defense got the Eagles into a second-and-26 at the Philadelphia 28-yard line. But Michael Vick chopped it to a third-and-4 at midfield with a-22 yard pass to Jeremy Maclin.

On that play, Vick faked a handoff and made a deep drop a bit to his left. With great protection, he threw a dart to Maclin, over Gary Brackett and in front of Lacey. Maclin had settled in some open territory, then slid a bit toward the sideline and caught the ball at the numbers.

The Eagles converted the third down with a 32-yard scramble by Vick.

They went on to finish a 10-play, 80-yard drive with a 1-yard Vick push up the middle. That gave Philadelphia a 26-17 lead in the early fourth quarter and provided the winning margin in a 26-24 decision.