Not much to take out of Texans' loss

We could pretend a lot of things about the Texans during Thursday night’s 28-0 preseason loss in Minnesota.

Like, for example, that Christian Ponder's eight carries for 61 yards indicates some deficiency in Houston’s ability to defend a running quarterback.

But who are we kidding? Of the 22 starters listed in the NFL’s official game book, none should be in the starting lineup on Sept. 11 against the Colts.

On a night when everyone in the division played, no one put less into it than the Texans.

There is little to interpret here, except maybe jostling by guys looking to solidify backup roles and late impressions by third-stringers on the fringe.

It was good that Matt Leinart had an efficient outing, though Matt Schaub's backup was with backups against backups. Three completions to newly added receiver Bryant Johnson were nice, as he looks like he could upgrade the team at No. 4 receiver.

Other than that, let’s say the Texans had a very impressive three-game preseason and a nice night off for their starters.