The AFC South and my Power Rankings

The Colts lead the AFC South into the 2011 ESPN.com NFL Power Rankings, standing eighth in our first poll.

I’m one of five voters, along with John Clayton, Ashley Fox, Mike Sando and James Walker on this year’s panel. That means if you’ve got a beef, I’m usually only responsible for one-fifth of your issue.

My weight on some is obviously bigger than that.

You can see more details in Mike Sando’s post here.

First let’s run down the division:

The Texans are up four spots from the final 2010 poll at the end of the regular season. The Colts are up 2. The Titans stayed the same and the Jaguars lost six spots. I don’t see how you can say the Jaguars are six spots worse, but I know someone has to drop when you lift other teams.

I had two giant movers: The Bears are down 16 slots. I think Chicago falls to pieces. The Texans are up 12. I don’t think they will be great, but I think 13th overall is about right.

The AFC South is the fifth best division with an average spot of 16.2.

I look forward to your reaction. Or I dread it. I’ll let you know after I see some of it.

Here is my entire ballot:

  1. Green Bay

  2. New England

  3. New Orleans

  4. Philadelphia

  5. Pittsburgh

  6. Indianapolis

  7. NY Jets

  8. Baltimore

  9. Atlanta

  10. NY Giants

  11. Tampa Bay

  12. Detroit

  13. Houston

  14. Dallas

  15. St. Louis

  16. San Diego

  17. Jacksonville

  18. Oakland

  19. Kansas City

  20. Chicago

  21. Arizona

  22. San Francisco

  23. Minnesota

  24. Tennessee

  25. Seattle

  26. Miami

  27. Cleveland

  28. Buffalo

  29. Carolina

  30. Denver

  31. Cincinnati

  32. Washington