Over heat, Hill improving for Jaguars

Jason Hill struggled with the Jacksonville heat early in camp.

HillHillI’m not big on excuses, but I’m leaning toward giving him a pass on it because it can be oppressive to the uninitiated.

He just should have been sure he was initiated before the lockout ended.

This blog entry from Tania Ganguli told me of this heat-related struggle and also told me that Hill has a special feeling about Blaine Gabbert.

One big thing that could happen for that special feeling to turn into special football is for Hill to show himself a special player the way the Jaguars think he can.

This prompted me to circle back to what David Garrard said about Hill when I was in Jacksonville early in camp.

“Jason Hill is a really good receiver that I still don’t understand how is not with the 49ers anymore,” Garrard said. “He’s a quiet guy, but a guy that works. You can count on him being in the right place. He’s learning, picking up everything really fast… We’re going to have a really good tandem with him and Mike [Thomas].”

Ganguli says Hill’s looked better recently. The Jaguars are thin at receiver, particularly at experienced receiver, even if Hill pans out. If he doesn’t, they’re going to have a void.

He's got to be a guy the Jaguars have the right read on.