Our Colts' pick: Fourth place

Four of the five panelists at ESPN.com pick the rebuilding Colts to finish in fourth place in the AFC South.

"Andrew Luck should throw for between 3,500 and 4,000 yards if he stays healthy. Facing five first- or second-year starting quarterbacks gives Luck the chance to have a winning record at home," says John Clayton.

The defense rates as exotic, I write in our Intelligence Report: "In the Tampa 2 put in place by Tony Dungy and run for years by the Colts, there weren't a lot of moving parts. Small, fast defenders could chase anything down, and blitzes out of the 4-3 were rare. New coach Chuck Pagano has brought a hybrid 3-4 scheme that creates much more mystery about who's rushing and who's dropping. There will be bigger linemen and more man coverage on the secondary. Critics of the old scheme might have called it bland and predictable. Some of the current Colts defenders are branding this one exotic."

Gary Horton of Scouts Inc. likes the linebackers and not the offensive line.

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