Mel Kiper Jr.'s early reviews

You can’t grade a draft class on production the day after it is finished being put together.

But America demands grades, so Mel Kiper Jr. offers themInsider.

He bases them on how teams answered these three questions:

• How much overall talent did a team add based on board position?

• How effectively did they address key personnel needs?

• How efficient were they in maneuvering on the draft board?

Jacksonville Jaguars

Overall grade: B-plus

One thought from Kiper Jr.: Johnathan Cyprien was one of the best safeties in college football last season, and should be the starter at strong safety in Week 1. Dwayne Gratz is a physical corner who should also start immediately.

Tennessee Titans

Overall grade: B-plus

One thought from Kiper Jr.: “The Titans may not have any idea what will become of Jake Locker. I don't know either. But they sure as heck should be better running the ball in 2013 behind the line they're building, and between whatever pressure that takes off Locker and the addition of yet another receiver, they can say they gave him a chance.”

Houston Texans

Overall grade: B

One thought from Kiper Jr.:Trevardo Williams was a steal for me. Wade Phillips can get him on the field because Williams can rush the passer and was hugely productive.”

Indianapolis Colts

Overall grade: C-plus

One thought from Kiper Jr.: “One pick I think could help now and be a great option for this offense is Kerwynn Williams. He's a speedster, and if they can find him touches you're going to see some explosive plays.”