Kiper's Mock 3.0: Texans

The lack of Houston Texans free-agency action has frustrated some fans who see it as a sign the team isn't getting better. I'd say the concern is a little dramatic at this point, and it certainly doesn't mean the Texans think their roster needs no tweaks.

The draft, though, is where Houston figures to make a bigger impact on its roster.

ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper Jr.'s first two mock drafts had the Texans addressing an obvious position of need: quarterback. In both his first and second mock drafts, Kiper had Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel going first overall and staying in his home state.

And while quarterback is a major need for the Texans, even with all three of last year's quarterbacks still on the roster, they'll have plenty of other holes to fill. They could use a pass-rusher. They need a nose tackle, having none on the roster right now, and also an offensive tackle. And the Texans could need a tight end, depending on what happens during the next few days in free agency.

Of course, not all of these positions are ones you fill with the first overall pick in the draft. These days that spot is for the most valuable positions -- the guy throwing the ball, the guy protecting the guy throwing the ball and the guy getting after the guy throwing the ball. All of those are positions Houston could upgrade.

With about two months to go before the draft, Kiper offers his latest thoughts, with a new player for the Texans at the topInsider.