A look ahead at McNair's 'Football Life'

The complicated life, and death, of Steve McNair are the subject of the next installment of NFL Network’s “A Football Life” which will air on Wednesday night at 8 p.m. ET, 7 CT.

I had the chance to watch a review copy of the show and recommend it.

In time, you forget just how ridiculous the highlights of his time at Alcorn State are, how fun his rise to prominence as the Titans' starter was and the pain and loneliness that came as he dealt with injuries down the stretch of his career.

McNair endured a friend’s death as a young man, and told his mom, Lucille, after that about his wariness of getting close to anyone -- for fear of getting deserted and hurt again.

You’re going to want to see talk of McNair tracking down a greased pig and paying off the $100 a stranger lost in a bet because of a bad McNair game.

And if you’re like me, you’ll end up angry with him.

We see him fishing and tossing a ball with his kids and talking about catching up on family time in retirement. He certainly didn’t deserve to die, but he did make bad choices that put him in bad spots.

And partially as a result of that, we’re watching a TV special summarizing his football life while those boys are missing out on time they were promised.