Brett Kern won't try to match A.J. Trapasso

Brett Kern wasn’t in the Titans’ picture in the opening game of Cowboys Stadium last preseason, when A.J. Trapasso set off a remarkable news cycle and debate by hitting the gigantic scoreboard with a punt during the game.

Ultimately, the league decided that the board could stay where it was and a ball in play that hit it would create a replayed snap.

I asked Kern, now the Titans' punter, if he’s interested in seeing if he can hit the scoreboard.

He said he could in warm-ups, but that hitting it in the game would be foolish.

“I’ll give it a whirl before the game, but it’s not my main objective going in,” he said. "You want to work on what you’re going to do in the game. You know it can be hit. I’ve not been there before, I don’t even know the dimensions.

“It’s not come up this week. If you hit it, it’s a redo. So what’s the point of trying to hit it? You do the play over. It’s pointless. It’s a negative thing. But I might want to go after it in warm-ups just in fun.”

Any mention of Kern right now, in my self-promoting eyes, still warrants a link to this.