Scout survey, part four

In recent days, I asked two AFC scouts and two guys with scouting backgrounds who are now in the media the same 12 questions.

As we count down to the Rams kicking off the draft Thursday night, here’s the fourth of four posts with their answers, which are largely a lesson in how many different views there can be on the same subjects. (Check out part one here, part two here and part three here.)

For the final piece, I focused on veterans the teams of the AFC South may overvalue, asking my respondents for a player a team isn't looking to replace but probably should be.

The Jaguars have false confidence in:

Scout A: David Garrard

Scout B: Running back depth

Matt Williamson, Scouts Inc.: Brad Meester

Daniel Jeremiah, movethesticks.com: Reggie Nelson

The Titans have false confidence in:

Scout A: Chris Hope

Scout B: Michael Griffin

Williamson: The cornerback position. I bet they think they need to find one guy here, but I actually think they need two.

Jeremiah: Stephen Tulloch

The Texans have false confidence in:

Scout A: Their corners.

Scout B: Amobi Okoye

Williamson: Their defensive tackles in general. Adding a nose tackle type (Dan Williams) would pay off huge. It would further free up Amobi Okoye and would also allow their exceptional linebackers to really run and hit.

Jeremiah: Kasey Studdard

The Colts have false confidence in:

Scout A: Charlie Johnson

Scout B: Jeff Saturday

Williamson: Curtis Painter

Jeremiah: Kyle DeVan