Barr: Every decision involves football

A year ago, Alabama guard Chance Warmack made it clear he wanted to be drafted by the Tennessee Titans and set up shop in Nashville.

And that's just what happened with the 10th pick.

UCLA outside linebacker Anthony Barr sounded a similar note Wednesday afternoon on The Midday 180 in Nashville on 104.5 The Zone.

If he makes it to 11 and is the Titans' choice, he's all for it. It would put him back working with Lou Spanos, who was his defensive coordinator with the Bruins and is now the Titans' linebacker coach.

"That'd be awesome," he said. "It would be awesome being reunited with coach, I know Akeem Ayers very well, I knew (Alterraun Verner) before he left for Tampa. And it would be a real honor to play for Tennessee."

While Barr has only been on defense for two seasons after starting out as a H-back, he's viewed as an incredible athlete who will be an impact edge rusher in the NFL. But, Barr is a raw player who needs to gain strength, polish his skills and get a better understanding of the position.

He said during those two years he knocked out seven or eight quarterbacks. One of them was former USC QB Matt Barkley, who suffered a broken collarbone. Barr said he's not too concerned if injuries happen to be the result of his work, as it's just part of the game.

"I'm just the ultimate competitor," he said. "I don't want to lose. I want to win at all costs and I just love the game of football. Everything out there up to this point has been based off the game, whether it's consciously or subconsciously, every decision I've made over the past 10 seasons -- what I wear, what I dress, what I eat, where I go, when I go to sleep, when I wake up -- it revolves around the game.

"I respect the game, I respect the process, I'm going to help you win games right away. It's kind of what we are in this business for, what have you done for me lately, and that's what I am all about."

Barr is in New York Wednesday for a Subway promotion -- they built a large bust of him out of vegetables while anointing him one of the restaurant's Famous Fans and encouraging people to "pile on the veggies." He talked with us on the radio just before that event in NYC.

But he won't stay there for the draft, declining an invitation to Radio City and returning to California to be with his family while he awaits his fate.

Some 4-3 teams are considering Barr as an end, and he said whether it's that more dramatic change or simply the shift from college to pro 3-4, nothing is going to be simple about the transition.

"Nothing is going to be easy when I make this jump," he said. "Anywhere I go, any position I play in, any scheme I am in, it's going to be an adjustment, it's going to be real different. It's going to be a challenge. I'm looking forward to that."