Outgoing/Incoming: Indianapolis Colts

One player I think will be outgoing, one player I think should be incoming, for the Indianapolis Colts once free agency opens Tuesday afternoon.

I’m steering clear of the huge guys on the incoming category, as it’s easy to say a team should covet the best/most expensive player at a position of need.

Outgoing: Reggie Wayne and Pierre Garcon, receivers: The Colts are looking to cut costs, and that continues with them allowing the veteran Wayne to move on, and with limiting what they are willing to pay Garcon. Garcon is an enticing guy with game-breaking speed. But his consistency to this point isn’t what you’d like. Maddening drops aren’t what Andrew Luck will need at the outset.

Incoming: Aubrayo Franklin or Antonio Garay, nose tackles. Franklin was supposed to be a hot commodity last year as he left San Francisco, and was a quieter player in a 4-3 in New Orleans. Garay is older, but probably has a few years left. The Colts can’t answer everything in the draft, and coach Chuck Pagano has no one who can really be a nose tackle in the 3-4 he’d like to employ at least some of the time.