Thursday school sessions aiding Colts

Working with the unfamiliar people who’ve replaced guys like Dallas Clark and Anthony Gonzalez and Joseph Addai this season, Peyton Manning's put school in session.

Thursday afternoons have been prime time for extra work.

Asked Wednesday about trusting Jacob Tamme, Manning gave an answer that went beyond just the tight end.

“I think you have to trust him,” Manning told the Indianapolis media. “There is no time to get out there and say, ‘Boy, I can’t make this play because I’m not sure.’ You have to go out there and go play. That’s why practice reps, walk-throughs and meetings, we do a little extra meeting together with some of these young guys, we have a little school after Thursday’s practice…I’m at least 14 years older than everybody in the room, I think.

“It may not be 14, but I feel really old. Javarris James, Blair White, Brandon James and Tamme and (Austin) Collie, it’s a little Colts school after practice, but it’s fun. We talk about kind of the basic fundamental things which you have to do. You can’t take those things for granted with some of these new guys that just haven’t been playing.”

It’s not 14, of course.

It’s nine.

Manning is 34, while Collie and Tamme are 25, White and Javarris James are 23 and Brandon James is 22.

The way the season has unfolded has made it more of a grind, Manning said, but that grind is worth it when a guy like Brandon James is able to step in and make a few third-down catches. Manning said he’s had to be more patient this season, which has also wound up being rewarding.

“Every week there is something new,” he said. “You do have to be patient with that and understand that there is going to be some adjustments and some of what we call storms that you have to sort of work through. If you can work through, at the same time getting a win, and realize that we are making some improvement in certain areas, then that is a good thing.”

Sunday in New England, the pace of grinding and patience may well be accelerated.