Colts add another Polian, continue shuffling

As Chris Polian takes on more power in the Colts front office, he’s added a familiar guy he knows he can rely on.

Dennis Polian is the team’s new director of football administration, a post that’s been created in a bit of a restructuring.

Owner Jim Irsay confirmed to Phil Richards that the ongoing revamping also includes a new video director (Eric Kunttu) and a new senior director of communications (Avis Roper).

Writes Richards:

The moves are the most recent in a sequence of retirements, firings and reassignments involving senior Colts employees. Irsay and Chris Polian said the moves have not been a matter of Chris Polian surrounding himself with people he's comfortable with as he takes on more and more oversight of daily operations from his father…

"It's a combination of circumstances and of what I felt needed adjusting," Chris Polian said. "[Video director] Marty [Heckscher] retired and we're very happy for him. Avis has paid his dues. It's a situation where we needed help and kind of wanted to look at things a little differently as we move forward."

Craig Kelley, who’s been with the team for 26 years and was vice president of public relations for the last 12, will head up the team’s website and do archival work.

A lot of things are turning over. I underestimated how much would change with Chris Polian taking on responsibility as Bill Polian gives some up.

Will it result in any sort of culture change? We’ll have to wait to see about that.