Can the Colts adjust, catch up?

INDIANAPOLIS -- A lot of bad things have converged for the Colts, who trail the Patriots 24-14. Certainly New England is making much of it happen.

Peyton Manning has been hit a bunch, which has affected his accuracy, as you’d expect.

Linebacker Derrick Burgess, coming from Manning’s left, has applied heat a couple of times. Jerod Mayo blitzed untouched to nail Manning for an 11-yard loss on a play that left left tackle Charlie Johnson with his palms raised in a “what happened” expression.

The drops are harder to explain. Austin Collie had a bad one, and while Pierre Garcon has been well defended, he’s going to wish he had a couple back.

But the offense is under pressure to close the gap because of defensive failures, and it’s not just Randy Moss who has been running free. Ben Watson and others have had turns.

Now we see what sort of halftime adjustments Jim Caldwell and his staff can make and how well prepared they are for what Bill Belichick and his assistants have in store going forward.