Rhodes Scholar Rolle ready to play

NASHVILLE. Tenn. -- Bill Bradley told him not to get fat. Pat Haden said be ready to be treated like the locker room’s Supreme Court Justice.

Florida State safety Myron Rolle got advice from a couple other Rhodes Scholar athletes before he headed for Oxford, passing on a final year of college football.

After he was drafted in the sixth round at No. 207 by the Tennessee Titans, he shared some of the details in a conference call with reporters who follow the Titans.

He did his best to eat well while following a training plan set forth for him by Tom Shaw. And when he joins the Titans for minicamp work next weekend, he’ll accept that his new teammates may ask him to be the “absolute arbiter” of any in-house dispute.

As for the idea that skipping a year to be a Rhodes Scholar created some questions about his football commitment, an absolutely ridiculous line of thinking in my eyes, he said:

“I had a lot of options, to go to medical school, to get (another degree) at Oxford, to enter politics now or keep my foundation going strong. There are so many different avenues I can take right now. The fact that I choose football, something that academics and people in the education realm, can’t really understand, I think shows my testament. I gave up a lot, I sacrificed a lot in my Rhodes Scholarship experience, to stay in shape, to make sure I was ready for this moment right here.”

“When my classmates were frisking at the pubs at 1:30 in the morning or traveling to different parts of the EU, I was working out, training, going to sleep, resting my body and making sure I was ready to compete. I love this game, I love this sport, I want it to be my vocation for the next 10 years.”

Does that fire you up? It certainly worked on me.