Considering Munchak's OC search

The Titans aren’t exactly being forthcoming about their search for assistant coaches. Who is?

It’s understandable to a degree. If you’re getting turned down for half a dozen permission requests, it doesn’t make you look good even thought it doesn’t really implicate you in any way.

We need to be careful as we learn of some requests that we keep in mind we don’t know all of them.

We know head coach Mike Munchak wanted to talk to Bill Callahan about the offensive coordinator job and wasn’t allowed by the Jets. We know he wanted to talk to Mike Tice and wasn’t allowed by the Bears.

It’s a jump to say Callahan was No. 1 on Munchak's list and Tice was No. 2. The order of reported denials does not necessarily correlate with Munchak's ordering of candidates, if he has one.

This does not appear to be like the defensive coordinator search, where Munchak targeted Jerry Gray from the start and was able to go get him.

I’m hearing that Munchak’s intention on the other side of the ball has been to try to talk to multiple people and see what he thinks.

Just because we’ve learned that Callahan and Tice were on the list doesn’t make them candidates No. 1 and No. 2. If Munchak has a prioritized list, we don’t know how it’s prioritized. We don’t know who else he’s asked for permission to talk to at this point. We don’t know if there have been other denials.

It’s easy to look at it and panic. Former coach Jeff Fisher and owner Bud Adams, with their late divorce, left Munchak in a terrible hiring situation.

Maybe he finds a position coach whose head coach is willing to let him talk, they hit it off and he’s got his guy.

Maybe he doesn’t.

Maybe he has to dip into the college ranks.

Let’s admit what we don’t know. Let’s admit we have to wait and see. Let’s admit if Munchak winds up with his sixth choice as coordinator, it doesn’t mean he’ll be a bad one.

I’d like to judge the new coordinator on how the Titans’ offense plays rather than on how he came to be hired.