My comments on your comments

Reviewing some of what you've said on some recent posts ...

From Peyton Manning's thoughts on the umpire’s new placement:

delapore: I guess we'll find out whether Manning is a great QB this year, or just an incredible manipulator of technicalities (preventing defensive substitutions, running pick plays). If he can't play well against fresh defenders on every snap he's not a great QB.

Paul Kuharsky: Yes, all of Peyton Manning’s accomplishments are based on the umpire’s old position and the lack of fresh defenders. Without those, his arm, his vision, his ability to avoid pressure are all hocus-pocus.

From my review of the Jaguars’ win at Tampa Bay.

jagsrule09: What a hater you are Kuharsky. Garrard had a decent game and it's not all his fault they couldn't get into the red zone. Funny you didn't mention Lukes interception.

Paul Kuharsky: You’ll notice I didn’t spend a lot of time on the backups and third-stringers. I didn’t compare clear-cut starter David Garrard to Luke McCown in any way here. It’s apples and oranges based on the defensive personnel they faced.

From my request for your thoughts on picture No. 14 in this slideshow.

Buck Smuel: Stupid. I don't use the word stupid very often, but the pic of VY tripping Bobby Sewall is just stupid. It's something a child does when he can't comprehend the possible consequences. Maybe they'll bring out Kathy Bates and a sledge hammer for next year's training camp.

Paul Kuharsky: Some people really thought it was not a big deal. But it struck me as telling. Vince Young is a guy who’s heard a lot about actions and consequences. In what way would that rank as a good decision?

On my choice of Mario Williams as the most indispensable non-quarterback on the Texans:

anthonytx42: I'm gonna get crucified for this, but I'd say for the Texans it's actually Owen Daniels. If he hadn't gone down last season, I think they finish 10-6 and make the playoffs. He's a premier tight end in an offense that LOVES the position. The Texans' pass rush needs more than just a prolific Mario Williams (who, if you remember, was 2nd in the AFC in sacks in 2007 and 3rd in 2008).

Paul Kuharsky: They lost four in a row after Daniels went down, but then they won four in a row after that. Joel Dreessen, James Casey and now Garrett Graham make for a reasonable pool of replacement candidates for Daniels. Lose Mario Williams and teams can plan to stop Antonio Smith or Connor Barwin and the third end is someone like Tim Jamison. They might have been 10-6 with Daniels last year. But what would they have been without Williams?