Bill Polian: O-line size not an issue

They added Adam Terry and Andy Alleman. Bill Polian’s analysis after the Super Bowl included a significant shot to the O-line. Ryan Lilja's agent said when the guard was let go that the Colts said they were looking to go bigger.

We've spent weeks interpreting that as indications that the Colts intend to get bigger on the offensive line.

Then, on Wednesday, he worked to debunk the idea at a session with the Indy press corps. Here is a snippet, courtesy of John Oehser:

“I would say no to that. I've never said that. I don't know of anybody around here who has. We've not deviated one iota from our formula, which is that we need to be athletic. We need to be smart. We need to be physical. I think we have players here who certainly fit that mold. They may not fit the mold of what other people think should be, but they're fine by us. It works OK for us. We've never felt like we need to get bigger or stronger. We're not that kind of a team.”

We’ll find out in the next three days, I suppose. But the primary prospect people are pegging for the Colts, Rodger Saffold from Indiana, isn’t really much bigger than what the team already has.

Saffold is 6-foot-4 and about 315 pounds. Last year’s left tackle, Charlie Johnson, is 6-4 and 305.