Reading the coverage: Stuff you should see

Stuff I'd read if I were you and had the time...

  • Is this the greatest season ever or does it just feel that way because the Texans are relevant, asks Dale Robertson of the Houston Chronicle.

  • Ben Muth of Football Outsiders looks closely at the Titans' run blocking, says it’s been pretty consistent and put the failures early and the success recently on Chris Johnson.

  • Josh Katzowitz of CBSSports.com looks at 10 guys who could be head coaches in the league next season.

  • Pete Prisco of CBSSports.com reviewed game film and it produced good reviews of Johnson and T.J. Yates, and a bad one of Blaine Gabbert.

  • There is one man who could fix all that ails the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, says my colleague Pat Yasinskas of the NFC South blog: Tony Dungy.