Pigskin Pick'Em: Can you beat a coin flip?

Last year, in our initial foray into battling in a Pigskin Pick’em Pool, many of us were shamed by a coin flip.

Here’s your invitation to give it another shot.

For years, I’ve been in a pool with friends where we pick every game of the regular season, against the spread. While winning it outright is an admirable goal, the bigger deal is to merely fare better than an entry known, spookily, as “The Dreaded Coin Flip.”

Heads is the favorite, tails is the dog.

Surely your strategy and knowledge can top that, right?

That’s what 415 of us thought last season. And just 37 entries managed to beat the coin, including Josh Snell, who won our pool by five games.

A few of you have asked about it, so we will revive the league. Let’s have a far bigger field, please.

Head here to create your entry and join our group, "Fear the Coin Flip." Spread the word to your pals. I’ll offer up a few reminders between now and opening day.

Fear the coin.