Who should the Colts draft at No. 22?

You’ve heard my draft thoughts and seen my mock draft pick for the Colts.

It’s time for me to hear yours.

I think the Colts could be tempted by a skill position guy. I just don’t see any who appear to qualify for consideration here. One of the offensive tackles listed in this poll will likely be gone, and I suspect it will be Anthony Castonzo. But he is not clearly rated above the other two and he could still be on the board, so he’s here.

So here are four guys who could be available for the Colts at No. 22 and an opt-out scenario that’s started to gain a little steam in whispers. I wish I had more than five slots, because Bill Polian is unpredictable on draft day. But we have to work within the limitations.

I encourage you to vote for what you think the Colts will do as opposed to what you think they should do, but it's your call.