Colts look to be thin at tight end for Jaguars

It’s not quite last season in volume, yet. But the Colts are continuing to get banged up.

They could be without their top two tight ends, Dallas Clark and Brody Eldridge, on Sunday against Jacksonville.

Clark suffered a left leg injury and Eldridge suffered a hand injury in the Colts’ loss to Atlanta in Indianapolis on Sunday.

“In both cases, I think, both guys have sustained some pretty significant injuries,” Jim Caldwell said in his meeting with the team’s press corps. “But we’ll have a report on that when we get the final findings.”

He went on to clarify what he meant by serious: “What I mean by that is more than a week or so. We’ll see what happens here in the next few days.”

Jacob Tamme, who did fine work for Peyton Manning last year after Clark was lost, is in line for more action. The Colts would have to make a move to add another tight end.

They have two on the practice squad: Mike McNeill and Dedrick Epps. They liked McNeill so much coming out of camp that he made their initial roster.