Challenge to Irsay: Schedule that lunch

The timetable for a deal that would ensure a regular preseason and season for the NFL is something we all want to know.

Colts owner Jim Irsay offered this on the subject to Mike Chappell.

"There's a window where we can get something done, but we really need to get something done by the Fourth of July or thereabouts so we can get in and have training camp and preseason and get ready that way.

"There has to be some real urgency to get this thing resolved and really have a full season with a training camp and preseason games. It would be very unfortunate if we get a deal done Oct. 1 that we could have gotten done on July 10. The losses are great if we start missing preseason games and early (regular-season) games.''

Irsay recently tweeted how he and Colts center Jeff Saturday, a powerful part of the NFLPA, “could get this thing done,on cocktail napkins,over a long lunch at Rick's Boatyard..it's not that hard!”

So here’s my challenge to Irsay: Set up that lunch. Use multiple napkins. And when you have something worked out, you take it directly to Roger Goodell and have Saturday take it directly to DeMaurice Smith.

It’s one thing to tell us how easy it is. It’s another to show us. It would be great if after doing the former you also did the latter.

Self-imposed fines to charity as this things draws on is another of his ideas. I don’t see them sparking a resolution.

But I do believe Irsay is a sensible voice on one theme here: the fractured relationship between the two sides.


I hope he’s doing more than tweeting about it.