Wrap-up: Steelers 19, Titans 11

What It Means: The Titans may have a quarterback controversy on their hands, though it would have more substance if Kerry Collins had outplayed Vince Young once he replaced him at the start of the fourth quarter. Tennessee fell to 1-1. The Titans aren’t as good as they appeared a week ago against Oakland. They probably aren’t as bad as they were against Pittsburgh either. But imagine if they faced Ben Roethlisberger instead of Dennis Dixon and Charlie Batch.

Tomorrow’s Talker: Who’s the quarterback? Young accounted for three of the Titans’ seven turnovers, and a week after a 142.8 passer rating, he posted a 48.3. But Collins threw a pick and a lost fumble upon replacing him. Young reacted poorly in a similar circumstance in 2008, but the indications have been he is more mature now. Does he respond better or do we get more of the sort of drama that unfolded last time? This should be a good offense, but it was horrific against the Steelers and completely nonthreatening once Pittsburgh made Chris Johnson a non-factor.

What I liked: The defense allowed just 12 points off seven turnovers and laid a lot of good hits. This could have been a blowout of monumental proportions given the turnovers. With a great onside kick at the end, the Titans actually had a chance to tie the game with a late drive, but fell short.

What I didn’t like: Johnson might have had a long touchdown that could have changed the tone in the first half, even without the help of a Eugene Amano hold. Amano told officials about how he let go, but the key there is to not hold in the first place not to be able to claim you didn’t hold long. Penalties were a big issue -- the Titans had 10 for 72 yards.

What’s next: Fisher, Young and Collins will address the quarterback situation inside the next hour. But no matter how firm Fisher is about the plans, they will all face further questions about it this week. It’s not the sort of storyline the Titans hoped for heading to New Meadowlands Stadium where they will see old friend Keith Bulluck in his third game as a member of the New York Giants.