The case vs. one-day contract retirements

Answer quickly and be honest:

A week after Spicer signed a one-day contract to retire as a Jaguar, Darius did the same.

If it’s important to them and the team and the town, so be it, I suppose.

But why is it important to them? The team gave them both a free publicity day, because they were both well out of our consciousness. I guess there is that.

Spicer wants to coach, so it helped his name get out there. He played his last year in Jacksonville in 2008. He played nine of his 10 years for the Jaguars. Few remember he started in Detroit. Fewer remember he was cut by the Saints in 2009 before the season started, but latched back on with them in January of 2010 and was on their Super Bowl roster.

Darius is hosting a “Next Level Training Football Skills Clinic” in Jacksonville on Saturday, and his grand retirement gets it some publicity. He logged all of three games for the 2007 Miami Dolphins before his career ended. Three of his 118 regular-season games, the rest of which were played with Jacksonville. That 2.5 percent of his career somehow necessitates an official return and retirement?

I don’t imagine these ceremonial contracts take but five seconds, because if they do the team’s front office is wasting time. I understand the franchise is looking to build memories and tradition and show how guys fondly remember their primes with the team. They were both very good players, important players.

But the ceremony is unneeded. No one who cares about the Jaguars thinks of Spicer as anything but a Jaguar. Not one who cares about the Jaguars thinks of Darius as anything but a Jaguar.

Or have I completely missed out on the Saints and Dolphins, respectively, trying to claim them?