Final Word: AFC South

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Five nuggets of knowledge about Week 11:

VY is just winning. Quick, name the top five winning quarterbacks drafted since 2000. They are Tom Brady (.775), Ben Roethlisberger (.713), Philip Rivers (.684), Vince Young (.653) and Kyle Orton (.643). I’ve certainly been critical of Young, but it’s hard to argue with his effectiveness in the most important category for anyone, wins. He’s from Houston, and there will be plenty of Titans and Texans No. 10 jerseys in the Reliant Stadium stands.

MJD can make a big mark. Against the league’s worst run defense, Maurice Jones-Drew has a chance to make personal and team history. He needs three rushing touchdowns to pass Fred Taylor’s team record of 14 set in 1998 and 140 rushing yards to get to 1,000 for the first time in his career. Take that, anyone who questioned whether he could handle the featured role when the team decided to let Taylor go.

The Colts are streaking. They are seeking a 19th consecutive regular-season win and would surpass the 2003-04 Patriots for the second-longest such streak in history. They’ve also won seven in a row against the Ravens. In the past six of those games, Peyton Manning has completed 64.1 percent of his passes for 1,477 yards with 11 touchdowns and three picks. Baltimore’s aggressive by nature, and that’s not typically the best defensive approach against Manning.

Can the Texans target Michael Griffin? The Titans' free safety struggled in the first game and has regressed this season. There will be a cornerback involved, of course, but Houston should do all it can to get Andre Johnson into situations in the secondary that involve Griffin. He’s bitten on too much play-action this season and it’s hard to figure why he worries at all about the run when there are so many defenders between him and the ball carrier.

Houston and Jacksonville can prove themselves contenders. The Colts are going to win the AFC South. The only question is how the other three teams line up and whether one of them wins a wild-card berth. The Texans and Jaguars are both 5-4 and the difference between 6-4 and 5-5 is giant. A Jacksonville win over Buffalo would mean the Jaguars top last season’s win total. A Houston win over Tennessee would put the team two games over .500 the latest in a season since the team came into existence.