Saturday mailbag: Hot division topics

Kelly in Jacksonville, Fla., writes: What do you think about the idea that Jacksonville would sign Laurent Robinson? He is certainly a young receiver, that has maybe already been through the growing pains of transferring into the NFL. Also, even though he isn't considered a top tier guy, he would likely come at a much more reasonable price.

Paul Kuharsky: I like Robinson for the reasons you say. Just not as the lead guy. Sign a big-time guy who’s more proven as the No. 1 (Vincent Jackson would be my choice) and grab Robinson as No. 2, and I think that would be great.

Adam Brune in Ocean Springs, Miss., writes: In your opinion what are the chances the titans would bring Haynesworth back to Tennessee?

Paul Kuharsky: Zero. We asked Mike Munchak about it on the radio in Nashville right after the news Haynesworth had been released came out, and he said as much.

Fred Scheppele from Colorado Springs, Colo., writes: Why have so many jumped on the bandwagon that Peyton would not want to stay because this team is not competitive? It is basically the same team that was winning 10 and 12 games with him at the helm, and they should be able to do the same if he comes back healthy. Maybe even better, since they now have higher draft choices to bring better talent in next year. I just don't get it.

Paul Kuharsky: It’s not basically the same team at all.

For starters, it will be constructed by Ryan Grigson and coached by Chuck Pagano. Those are massive changes.

Robert Mathis, Jeff Saturday, Reggie Wayne and Pierre Garcon could all be gone. Three of those four are getting up there. With or without Manning, the secondary is currently horrifically thin. The offensive line had a lot of guys who will have to function in a new system. Dallas Clark and Gary Brackett are coming off big injuries again, and Dwight Freeney counts $19 million against the cap.

There are more questions around this team than any team Manning quarterbacked since very early in his Colts career. Also, the Texans are as talented as any other team’s been in the division in some time.

Ed from Dallas, Texas writes: Matt Schaub is entering the last year of his contract, coming back from a Lisfranc injury and had his accuracy percentage drop each of the past two seasons. Considering that Gary Kubiak/Rick Smith are likely to get extensions, Do you think there's any chance that they turn an eye to the long term and do something unexpected like taking a QB of the future (Yates is a good backup but not starting caliber) in the first or second round? If not, do you see them extending Schaub before the season or letting him play out the season as somewhat of a lame-duck QB who has to prove himself to get resigned similar to what the 49ers did with Alex Smith?

Paul Kuharsky: I certainly can’t see them talking contract until they see the foot healed and functional. If and when it is, they could happily look to stay married to him for another term. If not, I think they love Yates and see him as ideal for what they want to do. Lack of need thanks to their quality depth will give them the freedom to draft who they like, so I won’t be completely surprised if they take another quarterback. I would be surprised if he was at No. 26 overall.

Myron Hustoft from San Antonio writes: I'm a little confused on your entry about Indy's second round. You stated their pick is the 34th overall. Compensatory picks, I thought, don't begin until after the third round and I can't find a reference to Indi swapping 2nd round picks with St. Louis. Why aren't they picking 33? Was a tagged on 1st rounder given to someone? If so, what was the reason?

Paul Kuharsky: It’s the 34th pick, the second pick of the second round. (I messed that up initially.)

Indy and St. Louis tied in the draft order, the Colts got No. 1 overall on a tiebreaker. Tied teams in draft order rotate their spot in subsequent rounds. So the Rams are first in the second round, the Colts first in the third round, the Rams first in the fourth, etc.

Amy Hamilton from Indianapolis writes: Why is Bruce skipping the AFC South? I'm going to have to go to Detroit!

Paul Kuharsky: It’s only the first leg. I’m going to Springsteen’s opener in Atlanta. So you won’t be the only traveler from the division.