Glenn expects Colts to stick with Johnson at LT

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

NASHVILLE, TENN. -- Tarik Glenn clearly doesn't want to talk badly of his replacement. The former Colts left tackle retired before the 2007 season, forcing rookie Tony Ugoh into the lineup a year earlier than planned.

By virtually all accounts, Ugoh did well. But this year a groin injury sidelined him after the first two games. While he has been deemed healthy, he's not reclaimed his starting job. Is the groin still an issue? Has Ugoh been demoted?

The team hasn't offered any explanation.

This week there has been speculation that the Colts will move Charlie Johnson to left guard, replacing rookie Jamie Richard, to help the team deal with Titans terrorizing defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth. That would mean Ugoh would be back.

Glenn, who was at a Monday Night Football Chalk Talk luncheon this afternoon at Ruth's Chris near Vanderbilt, said he has no idea what's up with Ugoh but that thinks the team will stick with Johnson at left tackle.

"I think they are going with Charlie, I don't know what the deal is with Tony," he said. "I think they are going to go with Charlie. I think they like what Charlie has given their offense just with consistency and durability. He provides some veteran-ish experience, he played in the Super Bowl for a great amount of time and played very well. Right now, that's what this team needs, especially up front is just some people who've been there before just to get this ball rolling."

Glenn said he has been focused on his four kids. He's done some radio and TV for the team, has been studying for the GMATS as he considers business school and has been working with inner city youth.

He said he is still dealing with being retired, calling it a struggle.

A couple other thoughts from Glenn on the Colts offensive line.

"It wouldn't surprise me if they fared pretty well because Howard Mudd's units normally can step up to big challenges. But it's going to be difficult, because the Titans are pretty solid at every defensive line position. Protecting the quarterback and establishing the running game are going to be hard for the Colts this week."

"It difficult for them to jell as a unit, especially in away games, communicating on the road with crowd noise -- those things develop with time, they just don't automatically come. It's easy to replace one guy, but when you have two or three different positions that you are trying to fill in with newer guys, it makes it difficult."