Jags look to have name for stadium

The Jaguars have a 3 p.m. ET news conference scheduled, and based on this report from News4Jax, it appears it will be to announce a new naming-rights deal for Jacksonville Municipal Stadium.

The new sponsor is set to be Jacksonville-based EverBank.

The Jaguars have not had a stadium naming-rights deal since 2006, and for a team whose home games were blacked out for the bulk of last season any revitalized revenue stream is a big deal.

According to the report:

"The city's lease with the team calls for the Jaguars to keep 75 percent of any revenue from the sale of naming rights to the stadium, with the city receiving 25 percent."

The Jacksonville Times-Union believes it will be a five-year deal. Does that indicate anything about the team's long-term presence in town? Or are there outs should the Jags fail in Jacksonville and wind up on the move?

It’s a good development for the Jags, but perhaps a bad one for sports fans who have trouble recalling which bank has its name on which venue.