Titans: What they play before they play

You see them in headphones, walking into the stadium, heading from the locker room to the field, as they stretch and run and get ready for kickoff.

Before the iPods are turned off and put away, what’s the last song the Titans listen to in order to get in the right frame of mind?

Build a playlist based on this if you dare:

Cornerback Cortland Finnegan: Eminem, “Lose Yourself”

“He talks about one shot or one opportunity. Sometimes in a game it’s that one shot that may change around the game, may win the game or lose the game for you.”

Linebacker Akeem Ayers: Jay-Z and Kayne West, “Gotta Have It”

“I just like the beat. It kind of loosens me up, gets me ready to play, puts me in a good mood.”

Defensive tackle Shaun Smith: Meek Millz, “I’m a Boss”

“It just gets me going, gets me all riled up in a zone and I just go out there and do what I do.”

Fullback Ahmard Hall: Fred Hammond, “They That Wait”

“It gets me motivated. Reminds me what to do, how to conduct myself.”

Defensive end Dave Ball: Metallica, “The Day That Never Comes”

“Just a good pump up song.”

Safety Michael Griffin: Yo Gotti, “Look in the Mirror”

“Hype song. Gets your blood flowing.”

Receiver Nate Washington: Fred Hammond, “Always Remember Jesus”

“It just keeps me humble. It always helps me remember who I am and the ability that I have to go out and play football.”

Tight end Jared Cook: Killer Mike, “God in the Building”

“It’s hip-hop song but it’s God-based.”

Receiver Kenny Britt: Drake, “Headlines”

“He talks about how a lot of people tell him he fell off and things like that and that’s something he needed to hear. That lines up with me and helps motivate me.”

Quarterback Jake Locker: Montgomery Gentry, “Something to be Proud of”

“It just reminds me of the people in my life that have allowed me to have the opportunity to go out and compete. It reminds me I am playing not only for myself, but for a lot of people in my life.”

Running back Javon Ringer: Deltrick Haddon, “Mighty God”

“It just helps me feel better than listening to a bunch of rap. I can’t really get into all the lyrics and what people are talking about in the rap songs. I like to listen to gospel music and get my mind right. It kind of helps me get focused more than a bunch of swearing.”

Guys who go against the grain:

Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck: I might have to change this. What I do is I put headphones on and I don’t plug them into anything, so people don’t talk to me. I kind of just like the quiet. I get hyped up for a game, but I am not covering kicks. I need to be relaxed and calm and thinking clearly. I just sort of like the noise cancellation.”

Linebacker Barrett Ruud: “Just whatever I feel like listening to. I’m a shuffle guy. I don’t really use it to get excited. If I am listening to music, it’s usually just to pass the time. Grateful Dead, Van Morrison, the Allman Brothers, The Black Keys, The White Stripes.”

Kicker Rob Bironas: “I usually drive in listening to Channel 59 XM, The Highway. It’s country music, today’s top hits. Then whatever they are playing at the stadium is my pump-up music.”

Linebacker Will Witherspoon: “I’m a sleeper. I have about a 30 minute nap before a game. I don’t listen to anything.”