Now, down-by-contact goes against Texans

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- When it comes to ruling a player down, officials just can’t get it right with the Houston Texans.

On Thanksgiving, the zebras failed to see that Justin Forsett was down and gave him an 81-yard touchdown. It would have been overturned by review had Jim Schwartz not thrown his challenge flag and exposed the too-harsh rule regarding a challenge of a play that is automatically reviewed.

The Texans benefited from no whistle there.

Today in Nashville, officials whistled Antonio Smith down after he picked up a Chris Johnson fumble forced by J.J. Watt in the second quarter. Smith was in line for a 63-yard touchdown return, and while whistles blew he made a move on the lone potential tackle, Jake Locker.

Smith wasn’t close to down by contact from the replays I saw.

The Texans were killed by a whistle there.

Houston won in Detroit with a little help. It’s looking like they’ll win in Nashville with a big call against them. (They are up 21-3 at the half.)

It’d be nice for the league if the officials could actually judge correctly whether a Texan is down or not in the flow of the game, and both sides could enjoy correct calls.

At this point that seems like it’s asking for a lot, however.