Roos sixth in left tackle Power Rankings

Regular visitors know I am not big on being able to assess line play in great detail. Our left tackle power rankings probably rely on word of mouth and reputation as much as any position we’ve ranked.

As you will hear me say in the video connected to Pat Yasinskas’ post revealing and explaining our overall rankings, I don’t believe there is a consensus best guy. While Joe Thomas is a great player, a couple national folks spent time with him, fell in love, and pumped him as the best guy.

A lot of other media, in need of a best guy, jumped on board. Thomas is a very good player, but he’s not a consensus best left tackle in the league among players, scouts and coaches. If readers think he should be, it’s largely because writers have set it up that way.

So you can get the overall rankings through the above link. Here’s my ballot, one of eight that factored into things.

  1. Jake Long

  2. Michael Roos

  3. Joe Thomas

  4. Jordan Gross

  5. Ryan Clady

  6. Marcus McNeill

  7. Donald Penn

  8. D'Brickashaw Ferguson

  9. Andrew Whitworth

  10. Jason Peters