Heading for Harvard, Wharton

You’ve got to be smart to be a tight end for Peyton Manning.

So it’s not a big surprise that among the 77 players enrolled at NFL programs at Harvard and Wharton later this month are three Colts tight ends. Dallas Clark and Jacob Tamme will spend next week at Harvard while Tom Santi will head for Penn.

"The program offered by the Harvard Business School is a great opportunity to begin preparing for life after football, and I have heard nothing but positive things from players that have participated,” said Clark, in the league's announcement of the program's participants. “It's a way to take advantage of one of the many programs the NFL and NFLPA offer, and I think to be able to receive business and leadership advice from some of the top instructors in their field will be invaluable."

The Colts match the Seahawks with a league-high seven participants. Here’s the AFC South roster:



The league’s write-ups on the two programs:

The Harvard Business School (February 15-19):

The Harvard custom program is designed to expose NFL participants to a broad array of business operations, negotiation, business plan analysis and legal aspects of business. All of these issues are pursued via the case method, in which participants study actual cases of real businesses and, in a highly interactive fashion, discuss the issues raised in the cases. The program also includes sessions focused on career issues, that allow participants to get feedback on their own strengths and weaknesses, develop a career vision, and receive small group coaching. Cases focus on real estate ventures, franchises and retail businesses, among others. The program will be delivered in a four-day module.

The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania (February 16-19):

The Wharton custom program emphasizes entrepreneurship and business building with an emphasis on real estate. The program also includes an emphasis on analyzing financial statements, legal issues, investing and money management, social responsibility, property management, insurance and liability fundamentals, and taxation. The program will be delivered in a four-day module utilizing the case method along with group discussion and follow-up coaching/consultation.