Ken Whisenhunt talks about Jason Michael's full plate instead of his own

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- It's a popular opinion around Nashville that Tennessee Titans coach Ken Whisenhunt doesn't raise his hand enough.

The team went 2-14 last season, but in conversations about the reasons for why his initial year was so bad, his performance isn't typically near the top of the list.

He certainly knows he didn't have a good year. No one did. And it's not as if he's avoided all blame or responsibility.

But my strong sense is fans don't feel he's said often enough that the buck stops with him, and I don't think that's unfair.

When he talked recently with The Wake Up Zone on the station I'm a part of in Nashville, 104.5 The Zone, they asked him about tight end coach Mike Mularkey getting promoted to assistant head coach/tight ends with an increased role in the run game.

A ton of factors contributed to the Titans' failures to run the ball effectively last season. They were rarely in favorable downs and distances. The offensive line under-performed. The running back by committee approach looked good in the season-opening win at Kansas City, then fizzled.

Roles were poorly defined. Rookie Bishop Sankey didn't prove worthy of being the first back drafted in 2014. Leon Washington saw the field too much as a limited third-down back.

The play calling rarely showed a determination to run. Rather, Whisenhunt regularly talked about why he couldn't call for more runs -- game situations and lack of production when the team did try to run.

The Mularkey question provided a big chance for Whisenhunt to say he needed more input in trying to get things to work with the run game.

But Whisenhunt didn't take that route at all.

Instead, he spoke of how it would make things easier for his offensive coordinator, Jason Michael, who's not the playcaller.

"This takes a little bit off of Jason's plate and I think it gives Mike recognition of the job he did for us last year," Whisenhunt said. "Delanie [Walker] had a great year, Mike was a big part of that, and I think just him being in the room and working with the run game portion of it and then being able to blend that with the offensive pass game, we felt like was a good move."

Of all the issues the Titans had in 2014, I can't once recall any indication that the amount of work on the plate of Michael -- who I'll mention yet again is not the playcaller -- was one of them.