Clayton: Ahmard Hall on verge of Pro Bowl

If you’ve followed me for a while, you know I hate the Pro Bowl.

It’s way too watered down now, and if the eighth AFC quarterback gets into the game and will be identified as a Pro Bowler the same way as the guy elected the starter then the whole things where we say a guy is a two-time Pro Bowler is meaningless as a measurement.

It should be a small roster that amounts to an honor, to go with a banquet and a live skills competition. But the league isn’t listening to me.

So with bigger rosters that are minus players who will be in the Super Bowl, who will emerge as new participants?

John Clayton’s list of players knocking on the door includes just one from the AFC South:

Tennessee Titans FB Ahmard Hall: Le'Ron McClain has had a stranglehold on the AFC fullback spot for the past two seasons because of his blocking and his ability to run as a big back. Still, it's going to be hard for McClain to hold off Hall, who's the blocking back for 2,000-yard rusher Chris Johnson. Hall was the first alternate last season. As long as Johnson doesn't hold out, Hall should get his first shot at the Pro Bowl.

Reduce the weight of rushing stats in the fullback equation and make it more about what it should be about -- paving a path for running backs and contributing to pass protection -- and Hall should be right in the mix.

He’s a top flight pro, who's very effective at his job. And you’re going to hear a lot from him this season -- he may just be the offense’s best spokesperson. Such visibility won't hurt his candidacy. Nor will another big season from Chris Johnson.