Run game, special teams disappoint Texans

It’s always best to be correcting things out of a win than off of a loss.

Only the Houston Texans in the AFC South got to do that today.

“We didn’t come out of this game feeling very good about how we played but we make the corrections today and hopefully we’re a lot better next week,” coach Gary Kubiak told Houston media a day after Houston opened with a 30-10 win over Miami. “…Good teams, when they win, they’re able to be hard on themselves. So we have to start today with that.”

His two primary areas of concern were the run game and special teams.

“The biggest thing I was disappointed in offensively was how we ran the ball, which wasn’t very good at all and how we finished on the 1-yard line and how we finished the game the last couple drives,” Kubiak said. “I think that’s a mark of a good team. Everybody knows you got to run it to finish a game you still line up and run it. We didn’t do that yesterday.”

Early in the fourth quarter the Texans had a second-and-goal from Miami’s 1-yard line, and tried a run and a pass before kicking a field goal.

Then they had two possessions where they tried to run out the clock. But before Matt Schaub kneeled to end the game, the fourth quarter rushing totals were nine carries for 8 yards.

“I think it’s across the board, it starts up front,” Kubiak said when asked what the problem was. “It always starts up front. We got to do all things better, coach it better, call it better, do it better, backs, wide receivers, tight ends. You know what I mean, it’s not one thing.”

Special teams produced on 61 yards on four returns by Trindon Holliday, while yielding a 72-yard punt return touchdown to Marcus Thigpen and a 25.8-yard average on six kickoff returns.

“We did not play well on special teams,” Kubiak said. “We didn’t cover well. We didn’t return well; something that we had been doing pretty consistent during the preseason. We had some guys playing some special teams getting going again that need to be big special teams players for us. Whitney Mercilus needs to play well for us; Mister Alexander.

“Throughout the course of the preseason, we did protect some of those guys, when we’re looking at young players, and it showed yesterday. I don’t think some of the key guys on special teams were on top of their games.”