Contrasting Anderson and Wimbley

The Tennessee Titans have had Mark Anderson in for a visit and hosted Kamerion Wimbley.

If they could land one of the two free agent pass-rushers, it will help fans feel at least a little better about missing out on Peyton Manning. After all, the Titans came into the offseason needing pass rush help. They didn’t need a quarterback.

Wimbley (6-4, 255) played outside linebacker for the Raiders last season and has seven sacks. I think the Titans would look to him as a pass rushing defensive end.

Anderson (also 6-4, 255) had 10 sacks and another 2.5 in the playoffs as an end for the Patriots. (The Jaguars are also interested in Anderson.)

Here are Scouts Inc. reports on each:

"Wimbley is definitely more effective going forward than he is dropping into coverage and has excellent acceleration coming off the edge. He has developed some counter moves as a pass-rusher, which makes his speed even more effective. He is starting to learn how to use his hands to control and defeat blockers. He has a lot of raw natural tools and is starting to learn to integrate techniques."

"Anderson was able to rack up ten sacks in his first season and got edge pressure on Eli Manning in the Super Bowl. Anderson has average size, good athleticism and deceptive strength. He has very good speed and quickness coming off the edge in passing situations. He shows good range in pursuit and can chase down ball carriers from the backside. He isn't stout defending the run and is more of a finesse player."

Which is a better fit for the Titans?

I asked Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc.

“Both are good pass-rushers, but Anderson is the better fit in the 4-3, where as Wimbley is a better 3-4 OLB,” Williamson said. “Wimbley is much better though and one of the better 3-4 OLB edge rushers around, in my opinion, while Anderson is the better fit for Tennessee’s scheme.”