A first look at Colts' depth chart

ANDERSON, Ind. -- The Colts’ initial unofficial depth chart includes a couple things worth mentioning.

This is hardly gospel. Teams typically rank rookies way low (note Jerry Hughes as fifth at left end and Brody Eldridge as the fifth tight end) and don’t always match up the sheet with what’s going on out on the field.

Still, it’s what we have at this point.

  • Pierre Garcon is listed as the second starting receiver. Don’t go crazy here. It would make since for the speedster of the group to be out there to stretch the field in the two-tight end set. Anthony Gonzalez and Austin Collie are listed as second stringers, but we’ll see plenty of three-wide and I expect both will see significant time as long as all are healthy.

  • Undrafted rookie Brandon James is listed as the punt returner with Gonzalez behind him, while Sam Giguere is the kick returner with James behind him.

  • Fili Moala is listed as the third-string left end, with no one at all listed behind Antonio Johnson at right defensive end. Mitch King and Marlon Favorite are listed second and third, respectively, behind left defensive end Daniel Muir.

  • The first string offensive line is listed as Charlie Johnson at left tackle, Jamey Richard at left guard, Jeff Saturday at center, Kyle DeVan at right guard and Ryan Diem at right tackle. Tony Ugoh is listed as Johnson’s backup, but not listed at all at guard.