Jared Cook wary of saying too much

Jared Cook sounds miserable.

The Titans tight end was a guest on my Nashville radio show, The Midday 180, on Wednesday and struggled to answer some questions about the state of the team for fear of stepping on toes.

Head to the 6:00 mark for the most insightful part, which includes this:

A question from Chad Withrow about whether Cook has an open dialogue with coaches about his role that Cook responded to with seven seconds of silence as he considered his reply. It could have been longer. I was so uncomfortable with the awkward silence that I tried to throw him a lifeboat and said, “That sounds like a no.”

Finally, Cook said: “I think they’ve talked about it. There haven’t been any moves made. You can see it on film, but that’s as far -- I put my work on film. You can see my production on film. I guess I don’t know how to answer that question, really, without kind of throwing somebody under the bus. So I’m just going to leave it at that.”

Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck said after the loss at Minnesota that he thought Cook needed to be more involved sooner. Offensive coordinator Chris Palmer told the local press Tuesday afternoon that he should have gotten the ball to Cook earlier against the Vikings and intends to do so going forward.