Three things from Jaguars' Tuesday OTA

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Three observations/thoughts from the Jaguars' OTA session and some interviews Tuesday.

1) Jack Del Rio is not at all happy with John Henderson. Here is the news story I wrote about it.

If Henderson isn't going to dedicate himself to returning to form, the Jaguars have real issues. The defensive line is a question mark even with Henderson there and playing hard. Without him, there is certainly no guarantee that the interior guys will be able to keep middle linebacker Justin Durant clean and free to run around and make plays.

2) Like a lot of teams, the Jaguars laid some people off early in the offseason as they dealt with the economic downturn. Not a lot of teams are adding people.

So it's a pretty good sign that GM Gene Smith was given the leeway to add Brian Simmons and Jeff Gooch to his scouting staff. I talked to Smith during practice and he told me he remembered scouting both guys as players and talked about how he's been scouting them as scouts. Smith is excited to be adding to his workforce as the Jaguars look to build. Back in March when I did this piece on Smith, he talked about his construction background and the importance of a foundation for his football team. The scouting department is a foundation, too, and he thinks it just got better.

3) I wrote Monday about David Garrard and was glad to have talked to offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter. He said Garrard is great at finding the window to hit on seam passes 18-25 yards downfield, but not the best at over-the-top deep stuff.

At this practice, Garrard missed on a bunch of throws deep down the sideline. This is a team that can make life a lot easier by finding some explosive plays. But I don't think they are going to come from throws like those, and I think the Jaguars are likely to be yards-after-the-catch reliant to get such chunks. Maurice Jones-Drew, Torry Holt, Mike Walker and Marcedes Lewis, when he's catching the ball better, can make those kind of plays.

Del Rio talks about Henderson missing Tuesday's practice.