Texans made business decision on Williams

So as the Bills-Texans game approaches, Mario Williams says the Texans basically forced him out of Houston.

Guess what? He’s right.

The defensive end/outside linebacker with a history of getting dinged up had some stretches as a brilliant player for Houston after the Texans used the No. 1 overall pick in the 2006 draft.

But he played in five games last year before he tore a chest muscle and was done, and the Texans experienced unprecedented success without him.

Seeing how he would command a record contract for a defender and the Texans were going to have cap issues even without him, why would they have tried to retain him?

I understand it probably hurt his feelings.

But when he tells Houston’s KRIV-TV he didn’t want to leave but “it was a one-way door given to me by the GM to leave Houston," the most common reply should be, “Well, duh.”

Let’s see. That GM Williams doesn’t name, Rick Smith, helped put together a team that went to the playoffs last year for the first time in its history and won a game despite starting a third-string quarterback.

Up against the cap and forced to make move, he let Williams and right guard Mike Brisiel walk as free agents, traded linebacker DeMeco Ryans and cut right tackle Eric Winston. And here the Texans are, sitting at 6-1 coming off their bye.

It’s the best record in the AFC, and there are few people suggesting the Texans aren’t the best in the conference right now. Sorry, Mario, but I hardly think fans are lamenting their team let you go, or even forced you to go considering the team's been beyond fine without you.

So I’m sure the team will take the high road and say thanks for all the good you did here and congrats on the great contract you got in Buffalo. Sorry if you feel like we didn’t sufficiently embrace you on your way out. But the fact is, for the money you could get, you just didn’t fit in our plans.

Nothing personal.