Who should the Jaguars draft at No. 16?

Who should the Jaguars take?

You’ve heard my draft thoughts and seen my mock draft pick for the Jaguars.

It’s time for me to hear yours.

It appears there are a couple positions of need that they won’t be able to address here -- there is no safety worthy of the spot and the top two cornerbacks are likely to be gone.

So here’s our Jaguars first-round draft poll.

I offer four guys I think will be available that could draw their interest. I take a cop out with the quarterback, because I do not know how they’ve stacked them but believe they could grab the third or fourth quarterback of the draft at No. 16 if they think he’s worth the pick.

If you’re on board for Andy Dalton, Christian Ponder or Colin Kaepernick, that slot is all inclusive.

Vote as you wish, but I am more curious about what you think they will do than what you think they should do.