How are QBs faring against blitzes?

Posted by ESPN.com’s Paul Kuharsky

Teams that regularly face Peyton Manning rarely choose to blitz him because he's impossible to get to and he gets rid of the ball quickly, and then you’ve weakened yourself in coverage.

Go after him or not, the results are strikingly similar.

ESPN Stats & Information’s Next Level stats say Manning has a 114.9 passer rating against added pass pressure and a 114.3 passer rating against standard pressure.

Talk about consistent.

Here’s the differential for each of the AFC South QBs when comparing how they perform versus blitz and no blitz:

  • Matt Schaub 16.5 points better against standard pressure.

  • Kerry Collins 7.9 points better against added pressure.

  • David Garrard 2.2 points better against added pressure.

  • Peyton Manning: 0.4 points better against added pressure.

Given a choice in this department, I’d like a quarterback who isn’t a lot different against regular or extra heavy pass rushes. It means a defense can’t lean one way or the other with any great effect on what you’re trying to do.

One other element of note from this stat package:

While the Titans have gotten their share of big plays out of the run game, Collins ranks 38th in the NFL with a 12.2 passer rating on passes throw 21 yards or further in the air and is just 27th in the league in terms of the average yards his passes cover in the air per completion -- at 5.7.