Notes, reminders on schedule release

We will bring thorough coverage of the scedule release tonight at 7 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. CT.

Some things to remember as we await the details.

  • The division plays the AFC East and the NFC North.

  • Everybody gets at least one primetime game now that the NFL Network Thursday night schedule runs the full season.

  • The season features eight 2011 playoff rematches, including Texans-Ravens.

  • We hit total strength of schedule here. The home schedule is far tougher (based on last year’s winning percentages) for the Jaguars (.539) and Titans (.531). The Colts have it worse on the road (.547) than at home (.453). The defending division champion Texans face teams with a collective losing record last year both home (.453) and on the road (.492).

And reminders on opponent...


  • Home: Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Tennessee, Buffalo, Miami, Baltimore, Packers, Vikings

  • Away: Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Tennessee, New England, New York, Denver, Chicago, Detroit


  • Home: Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, New England, New York, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Detroit

  • Away: Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Buffalo, Miami, San Diego, Green Bay, Minnesota


  • Home: Houston, Indianapolis, Tennessee, New England, New York, Cincinnati, Chicago, Detroit

  • Away: Houston, Indianapolis, Tennessee, Buffalo, Miami, Oakland, Green Bay, Minnesota


  • Home: Houston, Jacksonville, Tennessee, Buffalo, Miami, Cleveland, Green Bay, Minnesota

  • Away: Houston, Jacksonville, Tennessee, New England, New York, Kansas City, Chicago, Detroit