Manning 'campaigning' for football in Olympics

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
It seems to me the Olympics are moving away from sports that are not truly international, so I was taken by surprise when I got an e-mail today that spells out Peyton Manning's push for football.

He, half joking, is asking people to join him and sign a petition asking the IOC to add the sport. Which, of course, leads one to wonder who would start for the U.S. team at quarterback -- Manning or Tom Brady? Both would look good with a gold medal around their necks.

Check out Manning's plea in this video, where he once again hits on his signature deadpan delivery. While he knows Olympic football would be the least competitive tournament in world history, that doesn't mean he wouldn't sign up if given the chance. His dad feels confident we could take China, Japan, whoever.

Personally, I'm waiting on the petition to start eliminating more sports from the Olympics.

I think it should be composed exclusively of sports in which a gold medal qualifies as the absolute pinnacle. Basketball is iffy -- for Americans the NBA title is the top team accomplishment, though for a lot of other countries, I imagine, the Olympics qualify as No. 1.

But if you'd rather win Wimbledon or the World Series, there should be no medal stand for you.