On the radar: Rookie deals

A player, coach or issue that should be on your radar as training camp approaches.

July is the one real down month of the NFL calendar. Barring guys doing something foolish and earning a headline, all we should hear about are rookie signings.

According to the comprehensive list at Mac’s Football Blog, the AFC South has signed 14 of 32 draft picks. The Texans and Titans have signed six of nine each, the Jaguars have signed two of six and the Colts haven’t gotten started yet, with no deals for their eight picks.

There is plenty of time for all the teams to get all their deals done.

But the one situation to monitor might be that of Jacksonville’s first-round defensive tackle Tyson Alualu, the 10th overall pick. The Jaguars have had first-round holdout issues in the past. Eugene Monroe was 12 days late to camp last season. Derrick Harvey, under the previous regime, had a long holdout the year before.

General manager Gene Smith and vice president of football operations Paul Vance will work hard to make sure their fresh start defensive line is complete when the team reports. Still, history suggests it might not be so easy.

A memo to Alualu and other players who might miss camp days in exchange for negotiating time: Don't tell us how you want to be in but that you are letting your agent handle the business side of things. He works for you, not the other way around. Show him who's boss and take control of your career from the start.

As we count down to camp, news of signings will emerge. And the Colts, Jaguars, Texans and Titans will hope those are the only reasons they are in the news.