If you could ask one question...

It’s been scribbled in three or four notebooks in a row, a reminder of a very good idea from a reader that should do well to give us lockout discussion fodder.

If I could ask one person from each of our teams one question and get a guaranteed honest answer, what would the question it be?

Let’s set some parameters.

The person can be a past or present part of the team, player, coach, executive, owner, equipment man, groundskeeper, you name it. Any topic is fair game, but I figure we’re looking for the ultimate behind-the-scenes answer to a long-lingering question we’ve never had a straight answer to.

I’ve got some ideas. But this is the perfect spot for you to contribute. So tell me who you’d ask what and a bit about why.

I’ll continue to ponder, I’ll sort through what you offer up and I’ll eventually provide a “One question, one answer” post on each team.